Jelly Belly Flavors: Chantel’s Favorites

July 14, 2014

Love jelly beans? If so, you might have had a Jelly Belly or two in the past. Did you know that Jelly Belly headquarters is in Fairfield, CA!?! Much more than just jelly beans, Jelly Belly offers an array of merchandise and candy as well as daily chocolate and wine tastings featuring Suisun Valley Wineries and even unique conference space.

If you’re lazer focused on jelly beans, daily tours are available along with the option of a VIP “Jelly Belly University” experience for true enthusiasts! While there are many (over one hundred) Jelly Belly flavors, here are the 50 Official Flavors.

Now that you know Jelly Belly is from our hometown, let us introduce you to Chantel, our Vice President of Sales. Chantel has been with Citation Northern for almost 20 years and is the broker of record performing all functions with our clients throughout the home buying process. Chantel is the face of our company and provides a truly hands on experience with our buyers. We consider our buyers family and even provide new owners with a Maintenance and Care Guide to keep your home feeling new for years.

Chantel has shared her favorite Jelly Belly flavors below and we’re excited to share them with other fans!

Favorite flavors:

  • Cinnamon

  • Juicy Pear

  • Dr. Pepper

Are any of these Jelly Belly flavors on your lists? If not, what flavors do you love? Let us know below in the comments! And enjoy…