5 Things to Keep the Kids Busy at the Beach

May 13, 2014

When school lets out for summer, camps, vacations and day trips fill much of the schedule. If you and your kids are lucky, some of that time is spent at the beach! While the beach can be a great place to relax we want to share some great activities for the whole family that your kids are sure to enjoy.

One of our favorite childhood games was hide and seek. A great activity for the beach that gets everyone involved is a scavenger hunt. You can search for things that are readily available like rocks, shells, sea grass and more as well as hiding pre-determined treasures.

This next one is a no-brainer, but a classic that everyone can spend hours enjoying. Sandcastles! You can build elaborate castles with moats, drawbridges and more. You can also create drip castles by mixing sand and water and dripping it from your hand held above.

Maybe traditional isn’t your style. Build a volcano in the sand that will blow your kids away. Take a few household items with you to the beach and once you’ve built the volcano to your liking…just add vinegar and watch the eruption!

Did you ever make a pillow fort as a kid? All you needed was a sheet or two and some sofa cushions. Take this easy way to create shelter to the beach and make a tent in a few easy steps. Bring a sheet or some large beach towels with you and have the kids search for sticks to use as supports. Have fun and get creative!

When the day is done you can even use scraps from the snacks you brought to feed the birds for some last minute enjoyment. Seagulls flock to food so throw a few pieces (make sure when you do this you are in an open area away from others) of bread or crackers in the air and watch the birds come from all around.

These are just some of the many activities you can enjoy at the beach as a family. Here’s to summer and enjoying the sun, sand, cool breeze and ocean waters!